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Are you trying to open a file from your business partners or friends? Do you receive "Windows cannot open this file" message? It could be very frustrating and embarrassing. But now you're at the right place to solve your problem and open your files. OpenFilePro.com has the largest free database which not only includes the information about most of file extensions, but also free instruction to open your files properly. OpenFilePro.com will be much helpful for you in the future, as we are keeping collecting and enlarging the database so that more and more file extensions will be included. If you cannot open files with unknown file extension, click here to open your files automatically and save your trouble.

What are File Extensions?

A file extension is also known as a file name extension. It is a suffix appended to the end of a file name to indicate what kind of file type it is. You can easily know a file extension of a file, as it's separated from the file name by a dot. For example, the file extension of yourfile.doc is "doc" that tells the Windows that it's a Microsoft Word document. So the Windows will use Microsoft Office to open this kind of files. You can change your file name to anything you want, but you can't change its file extension, otherwise your file cannot be opened properly.

How to View the File Extension?

1. Open Control Panel

For Windows 8 Users

Hold Windows key + X and then click Control panel

For Windows 7 and Vista Users:

Click Start button and click Control panel

2. Select "View by Large Icons" and then click "Folder Options"

3. Untick "Hide extensions" for known file types and click "OK" to save the change

Nowadays, there are many new file extensions created every day. It's really a waste of time to do a search for each file type of files you receive. To save your time and hassle, it's recommended that you use this Automatic File Opener to open your files.

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